Public Policy

Petition for Campaign Finance Reform!

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same political speech rights as people, and that money is “speech”, wealthy interests have had an advantage in influencing the political process.  I know it makes me feel hopeless sometimes when I realize that my $50 political donation is nothing when I’m up against a corporation that can donate millions.  AAUW is asking us to sign a petition urging Congress to pass a “Democracy For All” constitutional amendment to address the problem created by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

 It only takes seconds to do this!  I did it, and I hope you will too.

Take action: Sign the petition for the Democracy for All amendment today! 

 Mary N. Clark, Public Policy Chair

Take Action for Women’s Equality Day

One of the things I’m concerned about is getting people out to vote. We take this right for granted, but in many states new restrictions are being put on citizens in order to vote.  I’ve heard that women can be denied their right to vote if their names on various documents or pieces of ID don’t all match up exactly – maybe they’ve gotten married and haven’t switched every document over to their new last names or something like that. 

In some places voting hours are being shortened or otherwise restricted.  Women lead busy lives and making at harder to vote can result in fewer women actually voting.  That is wrong!  We need to be making the process easier, so that every U.S. citizen can and will vote.

Protect the right to vote!  Here’s a quick way you can reach out to Representative Greg Walden and to Senators Wyden and Merkley.  Just click on the link below.

We must take action this Women’s Equality Day to protect the right to vote!


Mary N. Clark

Public Policy Chair